Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.

What does pulsed dye mean?
It means that the laser energy is delivered in pulses and dye is used to generate beams of different colors.
I have heard other names for the V Beam laser, why is that?
Because it is sometimes used to treat dilated blood vessels, so it is often referred to as a vascular laser. 
Are there side effects, what can I expect with a treatment?
The vbeam is one of the safest lasers on the market.  Scarring, blistering or infection are very rare.  It is important to tell your treatment physician about any health/skin conditions you might have like herpes or cold sores as laser treatment can trigger the virus.   Bruising is the most common side effect.  Eye damage can also occur if proper eye protection isn't worn.
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